smokingMost of us are aware of the dangers of smoking, yet often continue to smoke; even the "advertising" on the cigarette packets tells us smoking will kill us!

When you started smoking it may have been seen as “cool” or the “thing” to do. Now you probably realise it's costing a small fortune and it’s killing you (and quite possibly those around you) in the process, but you still do it! However, once you truly realise that you have more reasons to stop smoking rather than to continue smoking, you're well on the way to becoming a non-smoker. 

One 2-hour session is all it takes to banish the smoker in you; so contact us now to make your appointment.

(Link: Calculate my savings - Stopping smoking | NHS inform)




could Hypnotherapy be the answer?
Emotional Issues

Emotional Issues

inc. substance abuse, sexual problems, anxiety....

Sports Performance

Improve your performance
weight loss

Weight Loss

Lose weight without dieting


Is it time to stop?
Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Ever wondered if you lived before?